Produced by-Julien & Jeroma Film Company and Primerose Entertainment.

Written and Wielded by-Mohan Dachu

Cast-Sathyaraj, Angaadi Theru, Magesh, Niya Sankarathil, Appu Kutty, Sreepathy, Reina Karad etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-143 Minutes


Set in the backdrop of a remotely located resort, this is a suspense filled investigative thriller that blends super natural elements besides a slice from the British era in India.

The functional aspects at a resort has been well presented in this flick with Sreepathy assuming responsibility for the screenplay and creative direction.

As ever, Sathyaraj is in his elements and proves a scene-stealer.

The others in the cast too have done their parts well though most of them are unknown to us!

Kalaivannan’s camera work especially in the night sequences are noteworthy.

Valar Pandi could have been more prudent with his scissors!

Karthik’s background score adds to the horror-effect.

The theme is about the mysterious happenings at a resort located in a god forsaken place where strange things begin to happen.

A police team headed by Sathyaraj lands up there and as their investigation proceeds more deeper, the mystery becomes!

The climax wraps it up all!