Produced by-JSJ Cinemas & ASW Creations

Directed by-SA Prabhu

Cast-Justin Vijay, Vidya Pradeep, Robert Master, Kasthuri Shankar Abinaya Satish eetc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-109 Minutes


A complex and complicated theme handled effortlessly by Prabhu that mixes and merges several ingredients of science and technology.

The title sequence gives us an idea as to what could be expected in the scenes to come as the narration unfolds!

Ouija Board plays a pivotal role in the proceedings while Justin and Vidya perform their portions with understanding.

The screenplay is tactfully fabricated by several twists and turns most of which are absolutely unexpected.

More than the first half, the second half is engaging leading to a significant climax.

An out of the box thinking by the filmmaker and the outcome is satisfactory enough.