Produced by-Season Cinema

Directed by-Yazh Gunasekaran

Cast-Kathiresakumar, Krishnakumar, Vijaya RanadeeranKN Rajesh, Bakery Murugan, Anudiya and Uriyadi Anandraj

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-97 Minutes


A well crafted feature that which is too long for a short film but it does create a flutter in the minds of the viewers on the strength of its narrative style and execution besides the spontaneity showcased by the principal cast while depicting their respective characters.

Kathiresakumar in the title role portrays the character with tailor made perfection that not people around him get irritated but also the viewers as he executes his road block stunt!

The background score of Kebi and the cinematography of Ajith Kumar lift up the proceedings to the next higher level!

The directorial flashes are evident which reflect the directorial acumen of the filmmaker.

Sample this for the flavor of it- A Morris Minor is speeding past with men and one woman across the sandy stretches of a village backdrop and an old song is played-Roja Malare Rajakumaran…

It is a long shot and the camera captures the car, its travel-noise on the muddy road while a character inside the car comments-like the car, the song is also old-all heard at a distance!

Another noteworthy feature is the act of slapping one another, the sequence well captured and edited (credit to KN Rajesh) backed by appropriate sound effect-not once, a couple of times!

A well thought out and executed scene, those were!

A car is rushing across in the pretext that a woman seated in the rear is ready to deliver…

An old man in a rusty cycle is going before them on the road but he refuses to give way.

The inmates of the car get down one by one and confront but the old man stays silent refusing to open his mouth!

But he is very clear that the car should not pass through!

The local VAO (Uriyadi Anandraj) arrives there to sort out the issues as he sees the guys man handling the old man.

But soon, he too gets infuriated by the old man’s stubbornness and slaps him while the old man slaps him back!

The film’s second half unravels the reason behind the old man’s strange behavior leading to a dramatic close.

The closing portions could have been planned shades better but it is good enough.

An offbeat movie that is engaging as well as interesting!

Watch it for the pleasure of it.