Produced by-MSV Productions

Screenplay and Direction -S. Manibharathi

Cast-Surjith, Rajeshwari, Swathi, Bharathimohan, Divya Sridhar, and Rail Karthi

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-109 Minutes

Rating- ***

K. Gokul’s cinematography prevail over the other aspects of this flick set against a rural backdrop.

It is yet again a case of school-time love between the daughter of an affluent landlord and a boy belonging to the lower rungs of the society whose father is a milkman.

When the love affair comes to surface, the boy’s father leave the village along with his son who is very upset.

Years hurry past and the girl, Nandini (Rajeshwari) still remains single after adopting a little girl.

The boy, Naveen (Surjith) now a doctor by profession is married to Pavithra (Swathi) but their life is not very pleasant as Naveen has still not forgotten Nandini.

Pavithra and Nandini are friends and the former comes to stay with the latter for a while and as a reciprocal gesture, invites Nandini to her home in the city.

Nandini and Naveen are shocked to see each other while Pavithra prepares a plan of action!

The climax could have been thought of and executed better.