Produced by-Fortune Films

Directed by-Prashant Raj

Cast-Santhanam, Tanya Hope, Thambi Ramaiah, Senthil, Kovai Sarala and Brahmanandam

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-124 minutes


Perhaps, it is a case in point to prove that law of averages has been at work as far as this flick is concerned while one compares this with Santhanam’s immediate previous outing, D D Returns which was thoroughly enjoyable!

The director’s unimaginative handling of the sequences has in fact played a spoiled sport as the comedy sequences in the film, mostly do not work!

The spoken words too are not very humorous either and at certain portions, things go overboard!

Thambi Ramaiah cuts a sorry figure and it is demeaning to see such a National Award winning actor cast in such a character!

Neither Senthil nor Brahmanandam create a flutter!

The second half is much better and offers some funny moments!

The theme is centered around the rivalry between the lead pair (Santhanam and Tanya Hope). The former believes in the ends than the means while the latter is particular that the they both should travel in parallel.

Sudhakar S. Raj’s camera work is too very colorful to the eyes!

The screenplay should have been framed up better in which case the film would have been a lot more enjoyable!