Produced by-Mythri Movie Makers

Written and Wielded by-Shiva Nirvana

Cast-Vijay Deverakonda, Samantha, Sachin Khedekar, Murali, Jayaram, Rohini, Vennila Kishore, Ali & Brahmanandam

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-165 minutes


Blending a romantic tale that gets sparked off in the scenic locales of Kashmir with due references to Roja (Manirathnam & A.R.Rahman), this filmmaker has tactfully blended it with both the sides of believing and non-believing of the existence of the Almighty , finally delivering a verdict through both the characters of a believer (Murali Sharma) and a non-believer (Sachin Khedekar) that being human is the main motto while showering affection to the kith and kin of the families concerned!

Vijay and Samantha form a fine pair and the chemistry works well, making viewing a worthwhile experience!

Jayaram cuts a fine cameo and Rohini playing his wife does well.

Lakshmi as Samantha’s grandma and Saranya Ponvannan as Vija’s mom go about their roles in a matured fashion.

The musical score of Hesham Abdul Wahab is the most noteworthy feature of this flick while the brilliant cinematography of Murali G. is impressive, equally!

The film’s length could have been pruned a bit.

The two fights and a party sequence where almost everyone holds a glass -could have been avoided!

It is a matter of tight rope walking for the director to have walked actress delicate grounds blending it with a love story, needless to mention, he has come up trumps!

The film also delivers a few lessons for those who unite unite in wedlock after falling in love first and then keep crossing swords!

A refreshing tale of love coupled with meaningful messages.

Watch this PAN INDIA production for the pleasure of it!