Produced by – Kovai Filmmates
Directed by – Dinesh Kumaran
Cast -Gajaraj, Asraf, Sai Karthi, Gowri Nanda, VJ Pappu, Jey and Dinesh Kumaran
Running Time – 100 Minutes
Rating – *

A well conceived and crafted heist thriller that deliberates on idol smuggling by a bunch of criminals who try to outsmart one another for materialistic gains…
Gajaraj who has already niche for himself as a character artist, dons the garb of a cop with dubious intentions.
The cast showcased a bunch of freshers, the filmmaker included and almost all of them seem to have done their roles with understanding.
Gajaraj asserts his seniority over the others in the cast and the climax is a face-off for him!

It was only recently did we come across the plot of idol smuggling; though this too showcases a similar theme, the content and presentation are different and is good enough.

This thriller is certainly worth a watch on the Aha Tamil OTT platform.