Produced by-Isai Pictures

Written and Wielded by-Jeyaraj Palani

Cast- Suruthi Periyasamy , Niranjana Neithiar, Arshath Feras, Arumugavel, RJ Pradeep, Shankar, Niranjan, Thasmika, Kannan and Maaran Karthikeyan

OTT Platform-Shortflix

Rating- ***1/2

Besides the maker (Jeyaraj Palani), the cinematographer, S.Gokulakrishnan, art director, Ravi Pandiyan and composer, Dharshan Ravikumar need to be complimented for their support to this off-beat project which showcases a theme that even veteran filmmakers would not dare to deal with!

Jeyaraj Palani deserves a pat on his back for his boldness, his attitude and approach to such a delicate theme without presenting the concept with a wavering mind! He has made a statement that is loud and clear!

Both the female leads-Suruthi Periyasamy and Niranjana Nethiar-have executed themselves quite effectively and their boldness in having been willing to sport such characters that could possibly create a controversy has to be applauded! Both are very natural in both spontaneity and portrayal.

The Muslim characters have also been presented with a touch of reality and the director has never ever tried to stir a controversy!

Basically, the plot of the film deliberates on Lesbianism which is usually regarded a taboo in almost all societies and religions.

The manner in which the characters have been conceived and crafted is pretty decent and the director has totally refrained from bringing in politics or religious bias which is yet another commendable feature!

A delicate theme handled with maturity!

Certainly worth a watch…