Produced by-K R Infotainment

Written and Directed by-Ravi Murugaiyya

Cast-Vidhaarth, Saravanan, Arundathi Nair, George Maryan, Hello Kandasami etc

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-125 Minutes


An comedy that proves a bit of a drag at places but as a whole it is quite enjoyable backed by some good performances from the main cast.

Vidhaarth proves his flair for handling such lighter roles too while Saravanan is adequate.

Saravanan is a middle aged wastrel who prefers to lead a normal life of luxury without sweating much!

The arrival of his nephew (Vidhaarth) complicates things for him.

Accidentally, they stumble upon some gold coins belonging to an earlier era.

They both try their best to keep it all for themselves but as ill-luck would have it, the entire neighborhood learns of the new found treasure.

What follows further has to be seen to be enjoyed.

A good time pass…