Navayuga Kannagi, a rare OTT film that also got claps at the Q&A event

.An OTT film equivalent to a film.“Navayuga Kannagi” is produced by Gomathi Durairaj and is a Shortflix release. The film is directed and produced by Kiran Durairaj. Hailing from Bengaluru, he came from a background of short films and directed his first film in Tamil.Pavitra Thenpandian plays the central role in the film, while Vimal Kumar, Dencil George, Thenpandian, Jayaprakash and others have played important roles. Two songs from the film are sung by Chinmayi and Chainthavi and Alvin has composed the music for the songs and Kevin has composed the background music. Cinematography by Dharmatheeran and art by Mohankumar Thangaraj.’Navayuga Kannagi’ will release on Shortflix ODD site tomorrow on 24th December. The film was shown to journalists. At the final scene of the film, the film crew received a standing ovation. Similarly, it was rare for the journalists who followed this to receive applause after the Q&A.Director Kiran Durairaj shared a lot of information about the film to answer the questions“I am a Tamil from Bengaluru. No matter where there are Tamils in any town, there is a caste system for them. I also belong to a caste. Not knowing anything about it while there. There is only a Kannada Tamil difference. It was only when I came back here that I realized that similar things happened in my previous generation.When talking about problems from the opposite side, it is okay to talk about caste, they say that there is no God.. I have faith in God. I am not looking for my crowd for that.. but if you portray me that way I will take a picture of myself and show our side.When I came to Chennai for cinema, I wouldn’t say that they watch caste Chennai. But caste is seen in cinema. Within 5 minutes they will tell us what our caste is. I don’t even know if I should tell my caste or not. But I am usually talkative. He came to Chennai with a passion for cinema. People who discover my caste will start portraying me from that angle. That’s why I thought of making this story my first film. From now on, even in the films I take, I think that the film should be about the real things that have affected my life.In this film, the character of the groom does not do anything wrong, but a wrong ‘game’ is played with him. The female character’s father never admits his wrongdoing until the end, arguing with the girl that what he did was right. A lot of people are in this kind of mindset. From that time till now they celebrate the caste.You say director Ba.Ranjith gives opportunity only to people belonging to his community.. I think film directors should not talk about caste in general. I see cinema as art. I like Ba.Ranjith Anna very much. My favorite movie is ‘Charbata Paramparai’. My point is that you shouldn’t hate him just because he looks that way. I will follow him like a picture.. I will only take what he says to encourage many people in life.Instead of blaming the father who killed her lover, if it is right to show the groom character in this film as taking revenge from the bride, there is a hatred in the eyes of the woman that the groom belongs to her community. But there is nothing wrong with him except being born in that society. Now when people from different communities are shown in the film, it is as if they are wrong about each other. But if they admit that they are at fault, there are not so many problems. This is what I wanted to say.If we keep Periyar’s thinking.. Periyar always called Kannagi a fool. The reason is because she burned the town to take revenge for her bad husband. The heroine of this film will be like that in the beginning. But at some point she starts reading Periyar.No one has the right to say that women should not smoke cigarettes. It is their choice. I have faith in God. But the character in the film does not believe in God.. It should be said in the story that there are some superstitions. That’s what I’m saying. My point is that one individual’s wrongdoing should not be portrayed as the wrongdoing of the whole.He said that why the puppet is often shown in the film is because in our Indian culture, women are made to be puppets.