Produced by-Lakshmi Creations

Written and Wielded by-Esakki Karvannan

Cast-Cheran, Sri Priyanka, SAC, Vela Ramamurthi, Aruldoss, Suresh Kamatchi etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time -123 Minutes


Making films on caste-clashes seems to have become the trend of the times and this appeared like one more addition to that bandwagon; but as the narration unfolds, the maker makes us realize that what he has made is not the routine stuff toeing the line but of a different subject mater, altogether!

Dividing and demeaning people in the pretext of caste categorization is something we keep watching in movies made in this genre. But the director takes a detour and travels in a path that is unexplored!

A sect of people living in hamlets practice a profession since time immemorial and are usually subject to menial tasks by those people belonging to the other, read upper castes!

Suppose, an individual belonging to the contemporary generation wants to give up that profession termed menial much to the displeasure of those belonging the upper echelons, what happens?

Those affluent ones force those downtrodden masses to practice their old professions while the latter revolt against and say no!

As the next step forward they even seek legal recourse while the other side leave spare no effort to make them bow down!

This interesting premise forms the format of the narration of this noteworthy flick that never tends to politicize the proceedings!

Lal and Cheran are both effective in their respective characters.

Rajesh Yadav’s camera has captured the rural beauty well while Sam C.S. has underplayed the background score.

The film ends on a positive note by creating an awareness about not mentioning castes in school application forms.

A thought provoking movie.