Produced by-Rolling Sound Pictures

Scripted and Directed by-Madhan Dhakshinamoorthy

Cast-Harish Uthaman, Sheela Rajkumar, Thirunavukkarasu, Vasanth Marimuthu etc

Censor Rating- U/A

Running Time-105 Minutes


This is a simple, straightforward movie that drives home some messages both for the public at large pertaining to their attitudes towards policemen; the attitudes of the police personnel towards the public at large!

The film begins with a couple of families playing games at about 11.00 pm at night much noise in the neighborhood!

A passing night patrol gets a complaint that there is noise in the neighborhood and a head constable comes up and warns them all but it falls on deaf ears and such reaction brings the Inspector up into the scene of action and words get exchanged which eventually generates heat on both the sides!

The lead pair -Harish Uthaman and Sheela Rajkumar walk into trouble with an unknown stranger happens to drop dead within the confines of their house!

Meanwhile, the Inspector steps in with a complaint and starts harassing them!

A neighborhood lawyer steps in to help out the lead pair but almost in vain.

A final twist in the climax changes the flavor of the situation and roles get reversed!

An interesting premise handled reasonably well.

A message too is effectively communicated.

A watch worthy movie.