Produced by-Kashish Khan Production & Tattoo Film Production

Directed by-Kalaiarasi Sathappan & Ganesh Mahadevan

Cast-Rohit Raj, Daisy Shah, Manoj Joshi, Myra Sareen, Tom Hendry and Arjun Rampal /Ameesha Patel in guest roles

Rating- ***

The fact that this suspense filled mystery thriller has almost been shot abroad serves as an asset to this production is rather an USP!

The scenes and settings are impressive and colorful and as an addition, the screenplay moves at a rapid pace keeping the audience engrossed and enthralled as the mystery of the tattoo deepens as the screenplay unfolds!

The interval break too offers a twist which gets doubled in the second half!

Ameesha Patel looks good and it is a fact that age has been kind to her!

Arjun Rampal is as vibrant as always!

The script has been set around a Tattoo mark that leads to a couple of killings.

The film’s leading lady playing an art therapist looks fetching while her performance is also impressive.

The same could be said of the lead man who looks very handsome.

The chemistry between them works out brilliantly.

The climax packs a punch with several twists and turns in toe!

A nail-biting entertainer all the way!