Produced by-Peacock Art House

Written and Wielded by-Charles Joseph

Cast-Rahman, Bharath, Sandana Dipu, Binoj Vilya, Rahul Madhav, Govind Krishna etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-117 Minutes


A nail-biting thriller that packs a punch at every turn with ensemble cast consisting of Rahman and Bharath and others in powerful roles.

Rahman appears as an investigating officer whose methods and movements are truly puzzling but he finally emerges a winner by solving the puzzle clouding the mysterious happenings ending in shocking deaths!

The plot talks about a possible bio-war but the screenplay leaves much to be desired!

As the narration is tricky with too many characters moving around aimlessly, all walking towards a particular mission that ultimately fails miserably!

The cinematography of Sinu Siddharth and the score of Deepak Warrier offer great solace, especially the scenes canned across the snow-capped mountains!

The make-up effects on the man affected by a strange disease deserve mention.

A well-meaning thriller that could have been handled better…