Produced by -360 Degrees

Written and Directed by-Nitin Samson

Cast-Mohammed Ghouse, Manigandan, Hema Genellia, Sree Risha, Jyothi, Yazar, Sathya Annadurai and Nitin Samson

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-131 Minutes

Rating- ***

Film making is an art that necessitates meticulous planning and execution. Aspiring individuals arrive at the film land carrying big dreams! But how many of them succeed and out of those who succeed how many of them manage to sustain that and stay back -a billion dollar question, indeed!

Nitin Samson who has appeared in a cameo in this meaningful flick has handled nearly 44 crafts, we infer!

It would only be fair to say that he has managed to emerge triumphant amidst shouldering several responsibilities while dishing out this film that deliberates on the rear side of the craft of film making, focusing on the darker areas!

As audience, we just get to see what the maker wants us to see!

The struggles and pain the team undergoes -both by way of hard work and finance and other related issues form the format of the narration!

The entire screenplay has been conceived on a lighter vein so that the viewers may get to understand the efforts that go behind! The glitz and glamour involved as well as the sufferings of the cast and crew -have all been well documented!

The pathetic predicament of the producers has been sympathetically presented.

The trend of copy pasting Hollywood content has also been addressed and as a bonus the Hollywood content making process has also been placed under a scanner!

A must see for not only those quick-fix film critics but also for the film fraternity which has take home a few lessons!