Written and Wielded by-Arun Vaseegaran

Cast-Trisha, Santhosh Pratap, Vivek Prasanna, Shabeer, Miya George etc

Censor Rating -U/A

Running Time-159 Minutes


Trisha and Shabeer as the hunter and the hunted respectively steal the acting honours by their effective performances in this suspense filled crime thriller that packs a punch in the latter half blending two stories together and connecting them both tactfully with crime as the common denominator!

The film opens up showcasing a small family of a doting husband (Santhosh Pratap) and his affectionate wife Trisha and their little son is the apple of both their eyes!

As the mom is carrying, she avoids The Road trip which the dad and son undertake in view of the boy’s forthcoming birthday!

A freak accident on the highway renders both the travellers dead and the person responsible for the incident who came in driving in the opposite direction too gets killed!

Trisha realizes that there is more hidden underneath than what was notified by the police and she decides to probe on her own!

The second track is about a well-meaning Professor who hails from a humble background who is forced to transform owing to the force of the circumstances!

Both the tracks get connected at a point in the latter half and the audience receive a jolt!

The twist in the climax is a stunner!

Watch it for the suspense element in stock!