Produced by-Universe Creations

Written, Produced and Directed-Arunachalam Vaidyanathan

Cast-Venkat Prabhu, Sneha, Yogi Babu, Sai Dheena, Praniti, Poovaiyar, Vedant Vasantha, Kailash Heet & Arun Vaidyanathan

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-117 Minutes


Movies made around children are a rarity but this flick conceived, crafted and presented by Arunachalam Vaidyanathan proves to be a worthwhile experience on the merit of its script as well as the clarion call it makes to shower love and affection of pets too!

The screenplay has been set around two boys and a girl-the three of them being classmates!

One of them is passionate about bringing up a pet dog at home. While his dad (Venkat Prabhu) is game for it, his mom (Sneha) does not relish the idea.

His two friends gift him a cute dog prior to his birthday much to his delight. While his dad is aware of this gift, his mom does not know about it!

She reconciles soon and the boy is too happy.

Unfortunately, the dog gets lost and the trio set out to rescue it.

Their experiences account for the balance of the narration.

The film also makes a strong statement about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in connection with patronizing a poor boy and backing his studies!

A good movie that delivers what it intended to!

Go watch it with your kids and enjoy!