Produced by-Madhurya Productions

Directed by -Devakumar

Cast-Aadukalam Naren, Pandi Kamal, Meghna Yelan, Muthukalai, Venkat Rao etc


The creator’s quest to drive home a strong social message may be genuine but how the script gets translated on the big screen is anybody’s guess!

Here is an instance where the director has ventured to champion the cause of women who get victimized by some lustful men and the manner in which justice has to be meted out forms the crux of the plot of this flick with a mediocre cast most of whom have tried their best to give their best!

The is set around three youngsters vying for a good looking girl who has been transformed totally from how she was earlier!

Each of the three friends try to earn her love in their own respective ways but the girl tactfully entertains each of the three, of course, within permissible limits!

While the first half of the film sets the stage for the coming together of the girl with the three friends individually but as the screenplay unfolds, a pathetic past narrated through a flashback unfolds too!

The film makes a strong statement about how women folks gets exploited by some scheming men!

The closing portions give an unexpected twist to the tale!

Aadukalam Naren’s character is a surprise package!