Produced by-Hungry Wolf Productions

Written and Wielded by-Vikram Ramesh

Cast-Swayamsiddha, Sivakumar Raju, Karthik Venkatraman and Vikram Ramesh as a cabbie


Suspense filled thrillers seem to be the staple diet of the new crop of filmmakers who stop at nothing to come up with gripping thrillers!

Here is one such filmmaker who seems to be blessed with acting talents too!

It all happened over one night-this is what the film is all about set around a select set of a couple of characters!

The film’s lady protagonist (Swayansiddha) looks refreshing who oozes glam quotient too in the required measure as demanded by her characterization!

There is a full time Coffee Shop staff who is a part time thief!

There is an aspiring Minister who is eagerly awaiting the forthcoming elections!

Here comes the male protagonist, the character depicted by Vikram Ramesh, a cabbie at work who is assigned with the pleasant task of picking up and dropping a cute looking lady who is stinkingly rich!

It is night time and the night is young as the cabbie after the drop as he is invited into the house for a drink!

What follows afterward is anybody’s guess as liquor leads to love-making followed by a murder but a second one at that as a man is already lying dead in a store room with a cute doggie for company!

Enters the part time thief followed by the wannabe Minister and the murders on hand fill their hands with tension!

How the puzzle gets resolved is the rest!

The director has also made a strong statement about the take away of ill-gotten money which remindsthe viewers of the Alec Baldwin’s ‘The Getaway’

An interesting plot narrated in an interesting manner!