Produced by-Dream Warrior Pictures

Written and Wielded by-Raju Murugan

Cast-Karthi, Vijay Milton, Anu Emmanuel, Chandrasekar, Jithan Ramesh etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-156 Minutes


This is actor Karthi’s 25th outing since his debut in Ameer’s Paruthi Veeran (2007). He has certainly come up a long way since then and has managed to deliver a good number of noteworthy hits, PS1 & PS 2, included!

Given this fact, it is an out and out a Karthi film who plays a colorful gangster famous for his ways of stealing and double crossings but holds the record of evading the hands of the Law (but how is the billion dollar question!) Needless to mention, he has connections with cops and also holds a passion for acting in films that are showcased on YouTube! Anu Emmanuel is his favorite heroine and he enjoys her company the most!

A Jewelery shop is looted and the estimated loss runs to Rs. 200 crores!

All fingers point at Japan but in reality he did not do it!

The who did it and how the blame was shifted on Japan’s head!

Adding to the chaos, Japan is diagnosed with HIV positive and the twists and turns become more steeper!

It is finally found out that Jithan Ramesh was the brain behind the robbery but neither his characterization not his performance merit mention!

Even Chandrasekar’s character has been under written and why put a religion-tag over him!

Cinematographer turned filmmaker, Vijay Milton has turned an actor here and is impressive.

Suneel as a corrupt cop scores!

Kathi’s tonality turns an irksome factor after a point!

His philosophies too!

Raju Murugan who is a good craftsman seems to have taken the project very lightly in his attempt to showcase Karthi in a different light!