Produced by-Mars Productions

Written and Wielded by-Jenith Kumar

Cast-Yaashika Anand, Avi Tej, Sakthi Mahendra, Pooja and Kannan

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-117 Minutes


Reportedly, M.R. Radha had once remarked, given the fact that he is a non-believer-

If you say that you saw a ghost, at least 10 people will believe you but if see, you have seen God, no one will believe you!

Well, the point to be pondered here is that this writer cum director not only wants the principal characters to believe in the existence of ghosts but wants the audience too to toe that line!

Of course, he offers a logical explanation too -Those who die prematurely before their time has come, their ghosts will hang around and torture their known contacts!

This exactly is the premise of this horror thriller, executed fairly well.

Chaitra (Yaashika Anand) is a newly married young woman who is frequently visited by a pair who had died in a road accident!

Given the fact that Chaitra had seen them both die, they opt to visit her time and again!

The help of an Exorcist is sought but the ghost continues to haunt all those around despite the best efforts of the ghost-busters!

Before the curtains are down, the maker makes everybody around believe that ghosts definitely exists!

Do they?

A mediocre fare but watchable!