Produced by-Sri Sravanthi Movies

Written and Directed by Ra. Venkat

Cast-Poo Ram, Kaali Venkat, Master Deepan, Pandiamma, Lakshmi etc

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-123 Minutes


A new breed of newly arrived filmmakers are certainly making Tamil cinema proud!

Both in the arena of content as well as presentation!

Here is a filmmaker who has taken up a simple theme and has painted a beautiful portrait on the screen in a heart warming manner!

Given the fact that Diwali is around the corner and people all all earnestly looking forward for the festival here comes a film the screenplay of which has been set against a rural backdrop inhabited by people who struggle to make their ends meet!

A case in point is the life and times of an elderly man, Chelliah (Poo Ram), his wife, Meenambal (Pandiyamma) and their grandson, Kathir (Master Deepan) whose parents are no more!
A black goat is also a part of that family. Kathir and that goat are very close to each other and their intimacy is the life-line of this flick brilliantly conceived and crafted by Ra. Venkat.

It is sheer poetry on celluloid as the maker sets the stage for these main characters to live their lives before us in a heart touching manner!

There is yet another character named Vellaisamy (Kali Venkat), a drunkard. His basically a good man and is an expert butcher!

How Chelliah and Meenambal strive their best to make Kathir happy during Diwali by buying him the dress of his choice is what the screenplay is mostly aboout!

On the other side, Vellaisamy ventures to float a boat of his own after having been humiliated by the shop owner’s son!

The film ends on a positive note and the scenes and sequences are punctuated by positivity as most of the supporting characters showcase humanity and willingness to help!

The butcher shop owner and the textile shop owner stand tall by their goodness!

Jayaprakash, Deesan and Anand Jeraldin-the cinematographer, composer and editor respectively-have contributed immensely to the proceedings…

A must see movie…