Produced by-YSIMY Productions

Directed -Bosser

Cast-AK Pratheesh Krishna, Shree Gopika, Mohan Vidhya, Jeeva Ravi, Kala Kalyani, Birla Bose, Kala Pradeep

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-110 Minutes


A classy action thriller the theme of which revolves around an ATM and its related activities and a romance that blossoms in between!

The film’s protagonist is an ATM van driver who holds the torch for the hands of the daughter of the security guard!

While things move on smoothly, they take a different turn when a gang decides to rob the ATM.

Evidently, such a conspiracy will involve other crimes too and a kidnapping takes place!

it is time for the lead man to take over the proceedings, is it not!

Whether he is able to thwart the attempts of the gangsters and win the hand of her beloved is the interesting rest!

Rock Prabhu’s stunt choreography showcases some good action.

David John’s camera work and Dheeraj Sukumaran’s background score add pep to the proceedings.

An interesting time pass, so to say!