Produced by-JRG Productions

Written and Wielded by-Ganapathi Murugan

Cast-Rajalakshmi, N.Jeevanandam, Radharavi, Vijay Bharath, Geetha Kailasam, Pazha. Karuppiah,Abhi Natshakthra, Namo Narayana etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-118 Minutes


Holding a gun license is no easy a task as it is issued only under two specific circumstances-There should be no criminal records against the person applying for it; his/her life should be under a threat!

Here is a school teacher, Bharathi, (Rajalakshmi, singer, debut) who is a crusader of causes pertaining to problems faced only by women (the assumption here is, all men are primarily responsible for all the problems faced by women!). Ever since her early days she has stood out as a fighter championing the cause of women whenever and wherever they are exploited, harassed or sexually assaulted and she continues to be so even after her marriage and even after bearing a female child! She is employed as a school teacher and a young lawyer whom she she deems as her brother, supports her legally!

Pissed off at the atrocities inflicted upon women, obviously by men, she applies for a gun licence and the police authorities reject her request.

She is not the one to give up and hence moves the Court!

Whether she was successful or not is the rest.

The film looks like a docu-drama at most places and the performances are pedestrian .

Kasi Viswanathan’s camera work and the background score of Baiju Jacob are mention worthy.