Alan film crew celebrated the actor’s victory birthday by cutting a cake !!*Vetri is a rising young leading actor in Tamil film industry. Actor Vetri, who has been entertaining fans with different films, celebrated his birthday by cutting a cake and the crew of “Alan” film team.In the first two films of his debut in the film industry, Eut Thothakak and Jeevi, actor Vetri became popular. Vetri chooses tasteful films in different fields, polishes herself in each film and creates a feast for her fans.She is currently acting in the mesmerizing romance drama Alan, produced and directed by Siva R under 3S Pictures. Today, as a surprise for his birthday, the entire film crew cut a cake and made him happy.The final stages of Alan’s film are in full swing. The film has been made as a film that tells the beauty of a complete romance life in order to relieve that longing as it has become very rare to find complete romantic films in Tamil.Alan means creator. A man who has been interested in writing since childhood and lives his dream of becoming a writer, an unexpected event happens at the age of fifteen. The film is the journey of his life till his love 40.The film is written and directed by director Siva R as a soulful piece of life’s opposite incidents, a journey that flows like a river, love and spirituality written.Actor Vetri is playing the lead role in the film and Mathura from Germany is playing the lead role. Along with them, Karunakaran, Vivek Prasanna and Aruvi Madankumar have played important roles.The shooting of the film has been conducted in many places in Tamil Nadu like Kodaikanal, Rameswaram etc. and in many states of India including Kashi and Rishikesh. While the first phase of the shoot has been completed, the second phase of the shoot is currently in full swing. Details about the teaser trailer of the film will be announced soon.