Painter Mr. Of the forty-four years Maniyam lived, twenty-eight years he lived for painting. The paintings created by him sat in the memories and minds of the fans. Throughout his life he worked tirelessly to express creativity. Famous painter Amarar Maniam has established himself permanently in the world of painting by painting pictures with a unique style.

In 1941, he started Kalki magazine. “Teacher Kalki” saw the hidden artistic talent of the youth Maniam and offered him a job as an illustrator in his magazine.

In 1944, Maniam had the opportunity to visit the Ajanta Ellora cave treasures with teacher Kalki. Ajanta Paintings Maniyam’s color pictorial magazines were published in 1944 on the occasion of Kalki Diwali. This was an important turning point in his long artistic journey.

Maniam’s interludes to author Kalki’s famous historical novel Sivakami’s Sapadham series have earned Kalki a lot of appreciation from readers.

In 1950, when Kalki began writing his magnum opus ‘Ponniin Selvana’ in Kalki magazine, Maniyam had already developed into a highly skilled painter in his own right and became Kalki’s principal painter.

Kalki served as the art director of another notable novel ‘Parthiban Kanaam’ when it was made into a film. He also indulged his artistic passion by displaying his subtle artistic prowess in visual settings. He passed away in 1968 leaving his artistic prowess to his only son Maniam Selvan (MS) Lokanathan. Painter Maniam Selvan started his painting journey with his father’s blessings.

When the writer Savi Dinamani was a teacher in Kathir, he proclaimed “the painter Maniyam’s Selvan, ‘Maniyam Selvan'”. While studying in M.S. College, magazines like Kalki, Kumutham, Dinamanikathir, Kalaimamal, Amudasurabi, Vikadan gave him opportunities and encouraged him.

M. Che has been going on his own artistic journey for 54 years. Maniam Selvan is passionate about carrying forward the delicate and rich artistic legacy left by his father for future generations to benefit from!

The public in this century of painter Mr.Maniyam, Maniam and ‘Maniyam Selvan’ this painting exhibition to see in person the paintings of these two Granddaughters: Subashini Balasubramanian, Tharini Balakrishnan and Grandson: Subramaniam Loganathan. They run together.