Country is our homeNadu Namveedu is a beautiful project in today’s world under the leadership of former Madras High Court Judge Honorable Dr. P. Jyotimani and the Vice Chancellor of Chennai Anna Balkakhakazha Mr. The project was launched in Vivekananda Mandapam on 29/12/2023 at 5 PM in Anna Balkakakazagam, Chennai, in the presence of Velraj and with the blessings of Swami Gnanananda and Jyoti Imamiyam.This project is divided into four districts in Tamil Nadu and each leader has been appointed and in that group they have implemented and launched a ten-faceted plan that is green in everything, clean is health, and health is virtue by the year 2030.Former Indian Government Secretary Mr. Manjendra Nathan IAS, Patel Training Academy College Director AS were the special guests. Rajan IPS, Former Tamil Nadu Government Secretary Mr. Santhanam, former police chief Mr. Periyaya is an international sportswriter and authorMr. M. R. Selandararajan and the program coordinator presided over Mr. Bose (Director, Shankara Foundation, Coimbatore), former Director of Chennai Radio Station Mr. Mr. Seyol, the Registrar of Annamalai Polytechnic College, gave a welcome address and congratulated everyone. Prakash and professors, college students, panchayat municipal leaders participated in this event and with the expectations of the public, Nadu Nam Veedu project has been launched with the lofty goal of making the future of Tamil Nadu clean, green everywhere and green in everything.It works with the support of all people in India. Soon the inauguration ceremony will be done zone wise.