Produced by-Navarasa Films

Written and Wielded by-Vinil Scariah Varghese

Cast-Kalidas Jayaram, Namitha Pramod, Reba Monica John, Aswin Kkumar, Saiju Kurup, Karunakaran and Ramesh Kanna

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-121 Minutes


A reasonably well crafted crime thriller that starts off as a super natural thriller with a good show by Kalidas Jayaram who has performed with customary ease!

Abhijit and Gowri are a happily married couple whose car breaks down unexpectedly! The further turn of events lead to the unexpected death of Abhijit by a woman whose silhouette is suggestive!

Gowri’s brother smells a rat in the unexpected and untimely death of his brother in law and as he digs deep, he realizes that it had been an act of vengeance!

Cut to the past, Abhijit and Gowri had inadvertently had humiliated somebody which happens to be the film’s suspense element!

The narration moves at a brisk pace most of the time but when the knot is undone finally, there are some loose ends that remain aloof!

A crime thriller that manages to sustain the interest of the audience, most of the film’s running time!