Produced by-Maple Leafs Productions

Written and Edited by-B.Lenin

Directed by-E,V,Ganesh Babu

Cast-Vidhaarth, Shrushti Dange, Sampathram, Geetha Kailasam, Indra Soundarrajan, Annam Arasu and E,V,Ganesh Babu

Censor Rating- U

Running Time-128 Minutes


A huge, magnificent double cot belonging to an earlier era gets passed on through three generations!

All the off springs of that family were born with that cot serving as the anchor person!

Ganesan (E.V.Ganesh Babu), the younger son of that family lives in that palatial house with his mom(Geetha Kailasam), wife (Shrushti Dange) and little son.

While his elder brother and elder sister strike a deal with a buyer and try to sell the house, Ganesh has no other choice but to play along with them.

But one thing he is very clear about-he will not let the buyer take possession of that cot, come what may, whatever be the cost quoted to retain it with himself!

The hardships that he undergoes formats the crux of the plot, the whole narration presented in the beginning and at the end by that little boy, now a grown up lad (Vidhaarth).

The film bears the look of a stage play played out on the screen but the USP is the aspect of respecting vintage things that belonged to those elders of that family!

While the city of Chennai played up as a character in Logesh Kanagaraj’s debut vehicle, Maanagaram, here, a cot comes around as a character through the entire proceedings.

E.V.Ganesh Babu is very natural executing himself quite well.

Geetha Kailasam’s performance would have found better expression on the stage.

Srikanth Deva’s music falls perfectly in line with the mood of the film.