Bala of Vijay TV fame donated 2 lakhs to the affected people around his residence!!

Tamil cinema fame actor Bala has donated up to 2 lakhs to the affected people around his residence, public and fans are appreciating Bala’s helpful spirit.

Actor Bala, who rose to fame with the Vijay TV show (Shalka Povathu Yaru). Not only for his comedy, but also recently as a social worker, he has made a big place in people’s minds. He is famous through television and is currently acting in small roles on the silver screen as well. He devotes a portion of his income to help many in need.

He is educating many poor children who are struggling for education. Recently he bought 4 ambulances at his own expense for the hill dwellers. Growing up as a comedian, Bala is constantly doing many social services.

At present, when there is a major flood in Chennai, Mr. Bala* – yesterday evening – his residential area Pallavaram, Anakaputtur, Pammal and the surrounding areas affected by heavy rains – 1000 rupees per family – 200 families… a total of 2,00,000 (two lakhs) has been given assistance.

While many are paralyzed with reluctance to step out of their homes, Paula’s act of reaching out to the streets and providing financial support to the victims has been garnering a lot of praise from the public and fans.