Dance Don Guru Steps 2003 Kollywood Awards” is a grand ceremony honoring dancers!

“Dance Don” festival honoring veteran dancers who have worked in the Tamil film industry!!

The Dance Don Guru Steps 2003 Kollywood Awards will be held on December 30, led by dancer Kalaimamani Sreedhar Master, and will be held in a grand manner to honor and honor the many former dancers who have disappeared from our memory. .

A press conference was held yesterday to announce the Dance Don festival. Kalaimamani Sridhar Master, Akshara Sridhar, Ashok Master, Baba Bhaskar Master, Lalitha Mani Master, Kumar Shanti Master, Vasanth Master, Vimala Master, Sampath Master, Harish Kumar Master, Malini Master, VKS Babu Master participated in this event.

India is known worldwide for its cinema, dance and singing. There is no Indian cinema without singing and dancing. Since the beginning of cinema here, dance and song have been a part of cinema and have been inseparable from cinema. In that way, the work of dancers who teach the art of dance in Tamil cinema is immense.

History does not contain the details of the many famous dancers who trained this famous dance in the early days.

Starting from 1950s till 2023 many famous dancers have worked in Tamil cinema. As in today’s modern digital world, not everyone knows their introductions or details. Dancers working in the film industry do not know the details of the dancers who worked with fame in the beginning of our previous generation.

The Dance Don festival is organized to recognize the outstanding dancers of our generation, record them in history and honor their memory.

In this festival, the deceased dancers who worked famously in the Tamil film industry will be recorded, their achievements will be remembered and their fame will be honored in the presence of film stars. Retired former dancers will also be honored at the event. Also, dancers running dance schools in 38 districts of Tamil Nadu will be honored in this event.

Dance Don Guru Steps 2003 Kollywood Awards Kalaimamani Sreedhar, the leading dancer of the Tamil film world, organizes and conducts this event in front of the master. In this ceremony which will be held on 30th of December at Kamarajar Arena, leading dancers of Tamil cinema, many leading directors of Tamil cinema will participate.

The Dance Don Festival is going to be held on December 30th at the Kamaraj Arena in a very grand manner.