Produced by Lenin Babu under GS Cinema International and directed by debutant director Mantra Veerapandian, Ivana and Venkat Senguttuvan are playing the lead roles in the film “Mathimaaran” as a different thriller drama. The film’s music and trailer release ceremony was held in the presence of the press, media and professional friends for the film crew to attend the film’s release this month.

In this event…

Producer Naveen Sitharaman said…
Can’t tell if it’s real or a dream. I am very emotional. Even though I have worked in Hollywood, it is an honor to be here on the stage with such great legends of Tamil cinema. It is the elder brothers who make their younger brothers suffer. Thanks to both my brother Bala Sitharaman and Lenin. I would like to thank music director Karthik Raja for agreeing to work in this film. My favorite actor is MS Bhaskar. Watch this movie and it will surely make you cry. My thanks to all who are sitting on this stage. Thanks to the press guys.

Actor MS Bhaskar said..
It’s a good story. Good character. All the characters in the movie are great characters. I loved Mandira’s story when she told it. I have spoken dialogue in many places which is very emotional. This movie really disturbed me. The producers treated everyone very well. Hero Venkat Senguttuvan has acted so wonderfully. He is so interested in asking me about every shot after acting. What’s up there? Opportunities came only after I lost my hair. They teased me too. Many people who achieved achievements in the world were people who were less in appearance. Don’t worry about that. Ivana has acted as my daughter, my daughter has acted well and I am happy to have acted in such a wonderful film. This movie should be a big hit. My thanks to all.

Actor Sudarshan said..
Mathimaran is a very dedicated actor and has acted beautifully. I have played the role of a cop in this film. A character to be proud of on the outside. Thanks to the director for the opportunity. Thanks to the producer. Thank you for supporting the film.

Actor Praveen Kumar said…
8 years of friendship, tomorrow’s director will give me a chance by watching a short film, said Mantra Pandian. Bala sir gave him a chance in the film but could not act in it. Thank you forever for giving me a chance in this film again. Thank you for supporting this film.

Producer Suresh Kamakshi said…
Both director and producer are close to me. Director Mandira is excellent. I have great confidence in his ability and have told many stories to him. He must have made a good film. Producer Naveen is my friend. Congratulations to him for this film. MS Bhaskar has been playing some of the best characters in recent times. If he is there, the film will be better. The film is based on the characters. This movie will be great too. You should always spend on a story and not on the hero, only then the film will be better. Karthik Raja, the son of Ilayaraja who took Tamil film music to the world, has given the most amazing music. He is the hero of today. My best wishes to everyone who will definitely make this movie a big success.

Director SR Prabhakaran said..
Congratulations to GS Brothers Naveen Sitharaman, Bala Sitharaman and Lenin Sitharaman. Congratulations to director Mandira from Bala’s school and thanks to the producer for trusting her with her first film opportunity. I asked the director about this title. He said that the uneducated heroine’s name is Madhi and the dwarf hero’s name is Nedumaran. He has put so much thought into the title, I was sure that his film will be good. He has made a film in a different field with parody. The trailer is amazing. Music composer Karthik Raja has given excellent music. Venkat, Ivana and Aaradhya have given good performances. I wish the film success.

Producer K Rajan said…
An amazing storyline. Hats off to director Mandira for choosing the hero for the character while writing the story for the hero. Kudos to Bala’s assistant for being so brave. The hero Venkat is short in height but tall in heart. He has a high spirit. What is the use of being tall, nothing. Anna, who enriched our Tamil country, was short in height. Abdul Kalam, who was admired by the world, was short in height. Beauty is not in the body but in what he does. The dialogue in the film is amazing. Inspirational words for life. Congratulations to S Brothers Naveen Sitharaman, Bala Sitharaman and Lenin Sitharaman. They have come to keep Tamil cinema alive and have given a wonderful work. I wish the film success.

Director Ratna Siva said…
Mandira who worked with me already took a film 7 years back and it stopped. Then he worked as an assistant to Bala and when the second film was available, whoever it was would have done Karsial but congratulations to Mandira for doing a film with such a plot. Thanks to the producer for giving this opportunity and making such a film. Wish the film success.

Lyricist Snehan said…
Mandira made this film after a huge struggle. My producer friend has supported such a film, congratulations to both of them. This film will open doors for many people. I feel sad that today’s hero Karthik Raja has not got a proper field till now and this movie will change that. It is good that the current cinema has started to speak something. Good work by a fantastic fighter who criticizes image mockery and wish it success.

Director Mantra Pandian said…
Mata Pita Bala Sir Babu Sir Thank you all. After 11 years of hard work, dreams, working for many years, after a film was a committee, when I told a story to someone else, I am thankful to Babu sir who listened to the story and made this film just for me. Babu sir who made this film without listening to the story just for me is God to me. The Poppins company releasing the film will be the biggest company in Tamil cinema in the near future. I am from a village and they weigh me only by my image. Don’t judge book by its cover it is true that one’s talent is not in his image. I made this film just because I wanted to say that. We have made this film close to reality, with a commercial aspect for everyone to enjoy. If this movie satisfies you please support this movie. Ivana Nachiar was introduced through the film, and was studying in 10th standard at that time. The acquaintance I got then, when I told this story, he came to Chennai with his mother and asked. His mother cried while listening to the story. As seen in the film, Ivana has a younger brother named Devin and Leo in real life. The story is about the relationship between sister and brother. So he became emotionally committed. He said I will definitely do it. Some people said that we can cast an actress who has made a good debut. I said she will be the biggest actress when the film comes out. She became a star before the release of our film. I am happy that my younger sister is Ivana, she is a star. I chose Venkat because I saw him dance in a video and he is the one who acted in alien body in Ayalan. Venkat was the one who wanted to show his talent that it didn’t matter if his face was not visible. He will become an indispensable actor of Tamil cinema. Sudarshan has played a heroic role and acted well. Parvez has given a beautiful cinematography. My thanks to Sathees Surya Pala Sir who edited the films for me. Thanks to everyone who worked for me in the technical team. MS Bhaskar sir he is my father. A lot of people said Karthik Raja sir doesn’t like him too much ego, I was like that until I got to know him, I like his sounding. After finishing the whole movie, I took the movie on the hard disk and went to see him. He looked at me differently and said if I like it then I will compose music if not I will find another good composer. But after watching the film, he said that this film will be my comeback film and I will try to bring what you thought. Kudos to him for giving us the most amazing music. Thanks for supporting the movie.

Producer Nandagopal said…
Songs trailer dialogues everything is awesome. Everyone has talked about the film. My best wishes to GS Brothers Naveen Sitharaman, Bala Sitharaman, Lenin Sitharaman and Director Mandira.

Music composer Karthik Raja said…
I am confident that this film will do well. Oduvar sings in front of God every day in Tiruvannamalai, the person who came to see me came here and sang God’s greetings and that is the biggest wish received for this film, this film will definitely be a big hit. Thanks.

Actress Ivana said…
My team will be happy. The film was made in 3 years. Now ready for release. I know Mandira Anna from Nachiyar time, the friendship that started then, she told me a lot about the industry. Close to my family. When he told me this story, he said that he had written it for me. This movie talks about body shaming. All the technicians have done a great job. The film turned out well. to the film
Thank you for your support.

Actor Venkat Senguttuvan said..
Many people believed in me that I will win more than I have faith in myself, thanks to everyone who believed in me from my father and mother. My thanks to the director and producer who believed in casting me as a hero. Everyone has worked hard to make this film. Thank you for your support.

The movie stars Venkat Senguttuvan in the lead role of Nachiyar and Love Today fame Ivana in the lead role. Along with them, Aaradhya, MS Bhaskar, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren, Bhava Chelaturai, E. Praveen Kumar, Sudarsan Govind have played important roles.

Technical team details
Directed by Mantra Veerapandian
Produced by – Lenin Babu
Production Company – GS Cinema International
TN Theatrical Release – Poppins Studios
Music Composer – Karthik Raja
Cinematography – Parvez K
Editor – Satish Surya
Art Director – V. Mayapandi Cinematography – Suresh Kumar
Costume Designer – Cuddalore M Ramesh, Sher Ali N (Venkat Senguttuvan) Makeup – N. Sakthivel
Public Relations – Yuvraj.