Produced by-Ramdev Pictures

Written and Wielded by-Ram Dev

Cast- K. Bhagyaraj, Soniya Agarwal, Srinath, Rishikanth, Brana, Soodhu Kavvum Sivakumar, etc

Censor Rating- U/A

Running Time-140 Minutes


It is but a mandatory custom for our filmmakers to blame the younger generation for going astray and proving harmful to the society!

But this filmmaker has conceived and crafted a tale that looks at that issue from a different perspective!

He has examined on the situations at home of those spoiled brats and their upbringing by the respective parents!

Chellamal (Brana) is married to a wastrel who is also a drunkard whose daily routine is to hit the bottle!

Chellammal puts up with all his excesses for the sake of their school going son.

A cop (Rishikanth) whose marriage is on the rocks develops a liking for Chellammal, a former maid at their house.

Their frequent chats gets going into meetings and they get entrapped in an affair!

At one point, the cop gets killed and two adolescent boys are accused of that crime!

A Police Inspector takes up the investigation and finds out soon that there is more of stuff hidden underneath that cop-killing act and that the boys are not the actual killers!

How the suspense is unveiled is the fairly interesting rest.

The principal cast has performed satisfactorily and the production values as well as the technical support rendered are passable.

A must see for all married women and of course, men as the flick gives them a few life lessons as well as ‘do-nots’ for parents!

A note of warning, this is, to all those getting involved in extra-marital affairs, alerting them of the disastrous consequences to follow!