Produced by – The Sparkland
Written and Directed by – Ravi Bhargavan
Cast – Tarun Gopi, Prakash Chandra, Anvisha, Raj Kapoor, R. Sundararajan, Singam Puli and K. R. Vijaya
Censor Rating – U
Running Time – 126 Minutes
Rating – ***

With most of the recent releases, by and large, glorifying the consumption of alcohol, here is a film that puts its foot firmly and raises its voice against drinking.
Set against the backdrop of a village, the film opens up(in flashback) about the deaths of many people while going as a group, the main reason being consumption of liquor.
Veteran actress K. R. Vijaya plays the head of that family in a village after having lost many of her family males in that mishap.

While Anvisha the much celebrated daughter of that family holds the torch for Prakash Chandra, Tarun Gopi is desirous of winning her hand.
There is a comedy track involving two former filmmakers – R. Sundarrajan and Singam Puli which leaves much to be desired.

Another former director turned actor, Raj Kapoor who plays the villain of the piece as he contemplates of bringing up an alcohol factory.

Tarun Gopi is lured by Raj Kapoor and in the final encounter, Anvisha pulls a fast one which jolts not only all those around bit also the viewers!

The objective of the filmmaker is certainly commendable.
Tarun Gopi is effective in the closing sequences.