Produced by – A K Film Factory
Written and Wielded by – G V Perumal Varadhan
Cast – Suresh Ravi, Asha Gowda, Bose Venkat, Nizhalgal Ravi, Gajaraj etc

Censor Rating – U

Running Time – 114 Minutes

Rating – ***

Suresh Ravi fits the character of a cop like a T and his
performance too is noteworthy.

Bose Venkat ‘ s character is suspense filled.
Asha Gowda looks fetching.
The graphics generated sequences are enjoyable.

How the powerful ones exploit the primitive nature of the innocent villagers has been effectively portrayed.

The climax offers a surprise package.

A well crafted investigative thriller that deliberates on archeological research and also on smuggling of idols.

The opening scenes paint a realistic picture about the Pallava King, Nandivarman and his magical sword.
The film is worth taking a look…