Produced by – Neni Entertainments
Written and Directed by – Abhilash G. Devan
Cast – Jithan Ramesh, Harish Peradi, Madhan Kumar, Anju Dandia and Dr. Amar Chandran
Censor Rating – U/A
Running Time – 112 Minutes
Rating – ***

It is a routine revenge thriller set against a forest backdrop but what makes this flick interesting is the execution which is riveting to a reasonable extent.

After Japan, here again, Jithan Ramesh has donned a character that has shades of grey and it would only be fair to say that he has done his best in the role of a loner seeking revenge on those who ruined his life by killing his dad and mom.
Madhan Kumar scores satisfactorily while Dr. Amar who has bankrolled this project showcases style with some noteworthy body language.
The forest hideout backdrop deserves mention.
The screenplay unfolds in a suspense filled manner and follows the path of a well made crime thriller!

The production values are good.

The film is for all those who patronize suspense filled action thrillers…