Produced by – Akshaya Pictures
Written and Directed by – Ramesh Venkat
Cast – Sathyamoorthi, Vijayakumar Rajendra, Gopi Aravind, Sudhakar Jayaraman, Riythvika, Yashika Anand, George Maryam and Munishkanth
Censor Rating – U/A
Running Time – 120 Minutes
Rating – **1/2

Films the themes of which are woven around cinema theatres ate not new to Kollywood.
But this flick stands out in the sense that it blends horror elements in the backdrop of a theatre of the yester years!
The opening sequences are good and initiate expectations but as the narration unfolds the happenings leave much to be desired!
Not only the theatre but also the proceedings look dated bearing a barren look!
Of course, there is relief in the form of comedy that leaves the audience in splits once in a while!
The cinemsyogtof Joshua J Perez and the background score of Kaushik Krish deserve mention.
The reason behind the the esoteric happenings within the confines of the theatre looks a bit far fetched.
A passabls time pass if you have the timeā€¦