Produced by-Royal Enterprises

Directed by-Kevin Joseph

Cast-Vijay Vishwa, John Vijay, Mahana, Saravanan, Naleef Gea, Chaama, Jangiri Madhumitha etc

Censor Rating- U

Running Time-115 Minutes


Friendship and Love are the two main ingredients of this flick dished out as a comedy entertainer!

Comedy works out to an extent, at places but the same cannot be said of the other two aspects that only shine in bits and pieces!

Vishwa Vijay look good and has executed a good performance too.

As ever, John Vijay goes overboard with over-dramatization.

Jangiri Madhumitha joins him in over the top kind of portrayal!

Mahana appears to lack that much needed glam-appeal!

Chaams cracks a few one-liners that are situational.

Prasad Arumugham’s camera has captured the scenic beauty of the God own Country quite well.

The theme is about two friends who are very close since their childhood.

One of them run into a You-Tuber whose elder brother regards her as the apple of his eye!

The lovers are forced to face a lot of hardship before uniting in life while the friends too are seperated but for a brief while before they re-unite!