Produced by – Thamizh Thiraikoodam
Written and Directed by-Piriyan
Cast -Piriyan, Lagubaran, Varsha, Keerthana etc.
Censor Rating – U/A
Running Time – 127 Minutes
Rating – ***1/2

Scripting and directing a film besides playing the lead role is no easy task for lyricist Piriyan who has emerged triumphant in almost all the portfolios!

A thriller laced with elements of horror with the narration soaked in suspense is all what the film is about!

The character of the man playing the master of that palacial rural bungalow is never shown and this technique is quite appreciable!
K. Balachandar had presented such a character named Irumal Thatha in Ethirneechal, years earlier!
The flow narration follows a neat path and all loose ends are tied up well at the end which suggests a sequel!

The theme is about an affluent and wealthy villager whose son, a wastrel, designs his own accidental death by default!
Meantime, two little orphan boys are adopted by the rich man and time flies.

The viewers are suggested that the rich man’ s son’ s ghost still has an eye on that bungalow as he had desired to take over it when alive!

But the screenplay takes a twist with the acts of a couple of thieves who use that house as a store house for stolen money.
The climax has been crafted and presented well.

Piriyan shows maturity in his performance. Varsha provides the glam quotient but looks very homely.

Lagubaran impresses.

The camera work of Nithin K. Raj and E. J. Naushad deserve mention.
The first two songs of Saajan Madhav as well as his background score deserve mention.
An interesting premise dealt with in a mention worthy manner.