Produced by-Third Eye Cine Creations

Directed by-Sathish Geetha Kumar

Cast-Karthikeyan Vinayagam, Subiksha, Suresh Menon, Pandiarajan, Vincent Asokan etc.


A well crafted crime thriller that delves deep into the mystery surrounding the sudden deaths of some women with a cop investigating the crime scenes!

Karthikeyan Vinayagam plays Eegai Vendhan who suffers from a strange ocular issue.

While handling a crime scene, he accidentally becomes responsible for the death of a girl and eventually lands him up in troubled waters!

While serving his suspension, he runs into a girl who tries to communicate something to him before breathing her last!

He takes a cue from that and starts probing into her death but the department objects to it!

Moving further, a couple of more women get victimized and further turn of events place the protagonist right in the middle of the action and how things get resolved is the rest.

The action choreography of Danger Mani and the background score of Achu Rajamani offer solace while the narration could have been shades better.

A time pass that is worth the viewers’ time to a reasonable extent!