Produced by-AST Films LLP

Written and Wielded by -T. Arul Chezhian

Cast-Vidhaarth, Yogi Babu, Ilavarasu, Muthukumar, Priyanka, Durgha etc

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-114 Minutes


Writer turned filmmaker has dished out an enjoyable drama in a very simple manner populated by characters that are like our own neighbors (of the past!)-ordinary and down to earth!

The scene where Vidhaarth is shown losing his job as a Teacher has been conceived and crafted so naturally sans melodrama.

The tale moves on like a breeze then on with Vidhaarth assuming responsibility for care-taking an ice box accommodating an elderly woman who had passed away while the others around await the arrival of her son (Yogi Babu) who is employed in U.A.E. as a camel-caretaker!

What follows after has to be watched at the theaters to be enjoyed!

There is nothing much to talk about the story line but the treatment and the settings of characters and the performances of the lead artistes, deserve definite mention, especially that of Vidhaarth, Yogi Babu and Ilavarasu.

The film’s USP[ is the fact that it keeps us engrossed and engaged most of the time!

Watch it for the pleasure of it!