Produced by-Selvam Productions

Directed by-Rajasekar-Yuvaraj Kannan

Cast-Vignesh Shanmgham, Niranjani Asokan, Nivas Adithan, Subramanian Madhavan, etc.

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-129 Minutes


A bunch of almost all new faces create a flutter in this crime thriller adeptly captained by the directorial duo, Rajasekar and Yuvaraj Kannan, Both of them deserve applause for coming up with a neatly crafted thriller that opens up in the present, transporting the viewers to the past and all with the principal characters, the audience too enter the crime scene!

Three friends-Vignesh Shanmugham, Tajbabu and Prakash are small time thieves who showcase expertise in their plans and execution.

Niranjani Asokan the film’s leading lady is also a trickster who runs into these three friends at a restaurant following which she pulls a fast one and outsmarts them but then, the protagonist has already fallen in love with her head over heels!

After a while, the trio and the girl team up for a big loot but the trio gets caught as they loose the loot!

Who looted it from them is the film’s surprise package just like the heroine’s character which as a back story!

It is only in the climax that the loose ends get tied up and all ends well as the lead pair unite.

Subramaian Madhavan is good as the auditor while Nivas Adithan as the baddie is impressive.

Vaikunth Srinivasan’s background score is noteworthy; so is Thanigaidasan’s camera work.

Let the directorial duo follow the success stories of Krishnan Panchu, Devaraj-Mohan, Bharathi Vasu etc