Composer D. Imaan celebrated this year’s Pongal festival with Usilampatti villagers & children in association with FRIENDS FILM FACTORYThis year Music Composer – D. Imaan has celebrated Pongal festival with Usilambatti villagers and children. Details about this are as follows:-Music composer D.Imaan, who composed music for many hit films in Tamil cinema and won a place in the hearts of the people of Tamil Nadu with his original songs, has made the people very happy by participating in a song and dance competition organized by the villagers of the area near Usilampatti. He has started a TRUST through himself and has been helping a lot through it. He has been helping those who have asked for help, and he has been seeking help for many people himself.Music composer D.Imaan went to Usilampatti in Madurai district and encouraged the people there on this day, which made the people of Usilampatti happy.It is noteworthy that this festival has been made special by two companies FRIENDS FILM FACTORY TEAM and BUTTERFLY NETWORK TEAM supporting music composer D.Iman and his unity with the people of Usilampatti.