“Dance Don” ceremony honoring the dancers who worked in the Tamil film industry !!

The Dance Don Guru Steps 2023 Kollywood Awards ceremony was held on 30th December to honor and remember all the former dancers who have made great achievements in the Tamil film industry.

More than 100 former and current dancers of the Tamil film industry, leading directors of the Tamil film industry, actor Vijay Sethupathi and others participated in the event. Indian cinema is known for its music and dance. Dance and song have been a part of cinema since the beginning of cinema here. Dancers have not received as much recognition as other artists in cinema. Starting from 1938 when the Tamil film started to be made and till 2023, many famous dancers have been working in the Tamil film industry. This Dance Don Award ceremony was held to remember and honor all the dancers.

The journey of many senior artistes was aired in AV at the festival. More than 100 artistes were honored at the event. Many melted with excitement when the feats of many dancers, unknown to today’s generation of dancers, were revealed on stage. All the dancers who worked in the Tamil film industry from 1938 to 2023 were honored in this festival and the dancers who are running dance schools in 38 districts of Tamil Nadu were also honored in this festival. Many veteran dancers were heartbroken and grateful to be recognized in their lifetime. Young dancers joined together with senior dancers to grace the festival, making it a truly historic event.

Actor Vijay Sethupathi attended the event.
Big greetings to all of you. It is a great pleasure to participate in such an event. Your achievements are immense. Dance scares me, and all the masters I’ve worked with know that. Your ability to create a dance that suits the story, suits the set and makes people enjoy it, in surprisingly less time given in cinema, is to be admired. When I watch old songs, I am always amazed by all the dancing that goes into them, some of the songs were taken in a day and that is a huge surprise. I am honored to participate in this ceremony in your honor. All the best, thank you for recording your experiences for us.

Leading director KS Ravikumar participated in the event, interacted with the masters who worked with him and shared his love with appreciation to all. The Dance Don Guru Steps 2023 Kollywood Awards, held as a historical record of dancers, was entirely organized and conducted by Kalaimamani Sridhar Master, the leading dancer of the Tamil film industry along with her daughter Akshada Sridhar. All the participating filmmakers congratulated and thanked Master Sridhar and Akshatha Sridhar.