Isaivani, Saravedi Charan join Spanish artistes for Tamil Ghana.

Music composed by John A. Alexis with lyrics by Kavinagar Kaplan featuring Ishaivani and Saravedi Saran.
“Kukuru Kukuru” song

Music composed by John A Alexis.
Written by poet Kapilan, this song is composed in Ghanaian style.

John A Alexin, who composes music for films
For solos
He continues to focus on creating solos due to the popularity.

Music composer John A Alexis says that like the reception of movie songs all over the world, solo songs are getting great response and the technology is growing and it is easy for new composers to emerge in the music industry.

Kukkuru Kukkuru Ghana song is sung by singer Isaivani and Saravedi Saran along with Spanish dancers.

This song is going viral on YouTube

Kukuru Kukuru. Songs