“Chopping of trees decreased after email” ; Director K. Bhagyaraj

  • “Email saved youth from poverty” ; New information by K. Bhagyaraj*

“Playing in the fields has decreased in today’s youth”; Actress Komal Sharma Athangam

“The game is the problem”; Actress Vanitha Vijayakumar’s speech at Email Film Program

“New film city to be named after artist” ; Producer K.Rajan request on email movie show

The film ‘Email’ is produced and directed by S.R.Rajan under SR Film Factory. In this film, the leading actress of Kannada film industry Ragini Dwivedi will play the lead role and ‘Muruga’ Ashokumar will play the lead role. Bhojpuri and Hindi film legend Aarti Sri will play the second lead, while Aadhav Balaji will play the second lead.

As the film is getting ready for release, the pre-release event of the film was held yesterday evening at Prasad Label, Saligramam, Chennai. Director K. Bhagyaraj, Producers K. Rajan, Madhuraj, Actors Aruldas, Actress Vanitha Vijayakumar, Komal Sharma, Ratna, Lollu Saba Manohar, Chidambaram, Orange Candy Prabha, Muthukumar, Indian Producers Association President and Founder Solomon, Social Orator Mukilan, Businessmen SR Babu, Rajasekar and many more were present as special guests.

At this event, *Aadhav Balaji, the second hero of the film, said, “It is difficult to get theaters for small films today. Even though I am a member of the association, people like me are left out. My first film was really good but didn’t get any theaters. SR Rajan, who is the producer turned director of this film, is confident that I have faith in the story of this film. If he wins, many more newcomers will get a chance,” he said.

Society orator Mugilan speaks, “Though the title of this film is in English, the dialogues are correct. Director SR Rajan is careful that this story should reach today’s younger generation by giving this title.

“When the producer and director Madhuraj spoke,* “When the film started, there were many people with the producer SR Rajan. But when the film ended, I could clearly see that he was a lonely tree. It seems that he has said exactly what he came to say when he saw this film. Writing is as important for the film industry as oratory is for politics. I hope director S R Rajan will have a lot of it.”

Actress Vanitasree speaking, “This is my first film. In this film I have acted with actor Manophala. I hope this film will be a turning point for me,” he said.

Actress Komal Sharma speaking, “Technology has grown now and it is a very good thing. Even in education we can learn many lessons through YouTube. Although technology has done a lot of good for mankind, many of today’s youth spend their time playing online games. Going to stadiums and spending time with friends is less and less now. If technology is used well by today’s youth, there is a high chance of many Kalpana Chawlas and Abdul Kalams emerging. In that way director S.R. Rajan has taken up a matter that is needed today.

  • When actor Ashok Kumar speaks,* “The backbone of this film is director SR Rajan. He has crafted a beautiful screenplay with lots of twists and turns, focusing on email as an online game and the effects of gambling. For the fight sequences of the film, they took cues from the films Jackie Chan and Kung Fu. A Bir master from Nepal observed this fighting practice. My ear was torn during the fight. When this film reaches people, they don’t know much about that pain. I congratulate director Rajan for his bravery.”

Actress Vanitha Vijayakumar speaks, “This topic has great appeal. Everyone knows email today. It seems that this film is based on a game. The game is the problem. Whether it is Bigg Boss game, mobile game or any game, our mind is definitely engaged in it. Whatever game we go into, we must keep our minds safe. But it is very less in today’s generation. They hand the cell phone to the newborn baby. Everything seems more to them than to us. Even my three-year-old daughter has grown to pay online through mobile. On the other hand, it is up to the adults to decide what and how much to teach the children and what to focus their attention on.

I think they are saying the same thing,” he said.

When SR Rajan, the producer and director of the film Email, speaks, “It is a suspense thriller film. It has action, comedy and sentiment. There are two songs and three fight scenes. I am shooting for this film in five states namely Mumbai, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Pondicherry. The film is a story about an online game scam,” he said.

Producer K. Rajan said, “I came thinking this is a modest film. But when I saw the scenes here, they were taken as rich. A masala film is Kujala. The heroine of this film is not here. Heroines should come to such events not just to promote the film but also to promote themselves. If you are not coming because you are acting in other films, you can accept it. However, the dates should be decided after consulting them.

Recently, many small budget films have turned into big films. When Taramani Film City was closed, all the small films went to Pondicherry and all the big films went to Hyderabad. So I requested the artist and last year Chief Minister M.K. Stalin to open them. At the recently held centenary celebration of the artist, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has made us happy by announcing that a film city will be set up on 140 acres near Poontamalli at a cost of 500 crores. Small investment makers welcome it heartily.

The past ten years have been trials and tribulations for small investment filmmakers in Tamil cinema. The pains keep coming. If this movie city is built, it will save about 40 percent of the production cost. I request that the movie city be named after Dr. Karansha. Scientific development is needed. But my request is that it should not be life-threatening. I hope it will be a good film for people who are involved in online games and are in that craze,” he said.

Director K. Bhagyaraj speaking, “Producer Rajan is constantly stressing that small film producers are suffering. I too have been talking about it from time to time. If there are four theaters in a campus, one of them should be made compulsory for the release of small films. If you give a lot of theaters people will come and watch the film and appreciate it. Ashok, the hero of this film, is really lucky. He gave a lot. Seeing his scenes in the film was a sight to behold. Apart from that, he has acted well in the fight scenes in this film.

They said that the producer of this film was left alone when the film was completed. Tests are bound to come. It is good if the test comes. Beyond all that, happiness can be experienced. Before email, we used to write everything down on paper. After the advent of email, the need for paper has decreased. So the cutting of trees was reduced and the nature was preserved.

Apart from that many youths also got an opportunity to escape from poverty. Because in the past, if you gave a love letter to a girl to express your love, she would immediately get angry and take off her sandal. That need no longer exists with this email. Not only this.. This email helps us to say things that we cannot say because of hesitation and fear even to some great people.

Fraud is not only happening online. As Rajan sir said, even if they go for shooting permission, the people in that place will ask for bribe.. they will have a separate union there.. and by that they will give trouble to the producers. A lot of such frauds are happening in the country. “Only if you act as an individual, the chances of such scams will be reduced,” he said.

The film stars late actor Manobala and Lollu Saba Manohar, Vanitasree in pivotal roles and Billy Murali as the villain.

Avinash Gavaskar is composing the music for the film with Zubin of Draupathi fame. Selvam Muthappan, who has worked in nearly 30 films in Kannada cinema, has overseen the cinematography of the film. Rajesh Kumar, who has worked in films including Jobless Graduate, has handled the cinematography of the film.

The film is being made in two languages, Tamil and Kannada.