Broadway Theater is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu as the largest and most modern theater in Tamil Nadu. Mr. Senbhagamurthy, the producer of Red Giant Movies, visited the theater and congratulated the owner of the theater, Mr. Satishkumar.

For the first time in Tamil Nadu, Broadway Theater is a modern theater with all facilities. This 9-screen theater has the largest screen size in Tamil Nadu, Gold Screen with laser screen epic, IMAX screen and best sound system with innovative high-quality seating facilities. Along with this there are 6 regular screens.

Mr. Senpagamurthy, co-producer of Red Giant Movies, met the owner of the theater, Mr. Satish Kumar, who was in awe of this multiplex Broadway theater, which fans and movie buffs are amazed by. Red Giant Movies Manager Mr. Subbu was present on the occasion.