Produced by Jai Akash, acted as the protagonist, wrote and directed the story, screenplay, and dialogues of the soon-to-be-released film ‘Mamaram.’

Jay Akash starrer ‘Jai Vijayam’ released on ‘A Cube Movies App’ has attracted huge fans. It was watched by 3 lakh people in just three days of its release and now it has crossed 5 lakh views.

After that, the trailer release ceremony of ‘Mamaram’ and the event to share the success of ‘Jai Vijayam’ with the press will be held at Vadapalani Kamala Theater in Chennai on January 8; Happened on 2024.

The film’s hero and director Jai Akash, ‘Kadhal’ Sukumar, who played the main role in the film, ‘Uyarthiru 420’ producer ‘Sikaram’ Chandrasekhar, ‘Comedy Junction’ Jayachandran, chief executives of Jai Akash Fans Club and others participated in the event.

When Jay Akash spoke at the event, “A Cube Movies App is an app that I have developed along with some investors. In that, my recently released Jai Vijayam got three lakh views in three days of its release. 5 lakh people have seen so far. So the investors of A Cube Movie App are all happy. We share that joy with you. Jai Vijayam has received good reception in the theater as well. With that the number of theaters has increased in the second week.

Next is the mango tree. The making of this film is a dream creation; A masterpiece. The story is my own love story. I have kept only 20% of it for cinema. Otherwise everything you are going to see in the film is what happened in my life. Although in reality my girlfriend left me for money, I keep it positive in this story. If you watch the trailer, you will understand why we kept the title Mamaram. In the film, the lovers plant a mango nut and it grows into a tree as a symbol of their love.

A story about the pain of love, it is my own story. So when I acted emotionally, I used to cry with glycerin in the scenes where I had to cry.

Not only that, there is another suspense in the film. It will touch the hearts of all those who are in love.

The shooting of this film started in 2012. The story takes place between the age of 25 to 40 years of the protagonist. In such a story, a different person will be cast to play the role of the protagonist’s youth; Or the same person pretends to be young and uses technology to make them look younger. But I didn’t do anything like that and played the role of a teenager in my youth. Ten years later, I played a middle-aged character. In that sense, I have traveled with this film for more than 10 years.

The people who acted with me in the film also waited for years and gave me the role. When one of them, Chitram Pasha, acted 10 years ago, when will you shoot the next scenes?’ he asked. Let’s take it after 10 years.’ He panicked and did not know what would happen tomorrow; He said that after 10 years, I don’t know where I will be. He had an accident in between and recovered. Ten years later he acted in the remaining scenes. This film gave me many experiences.

I started this film in 2012. In 2014, the film ‘Boyhood’, based on the protagonist’s 12-year period in America, won an Oscar. There was a lot of confidence in Mamaram because it was a film of the same style. Boyhood’ is a low budget film. But Mamaram is the most expensive film I have ever made. We went to places including London for songs. If anyone else had been the producer of this film, I would not have got ten years of waiting and cooperation from them. As I am the producer, I was able to shoot the film as I wanted.

Vikram’s character in Pitamagan had a great impact on me. Keeping that in mind, I have played such a character in Mamaram.

Mamaram will be released on A Cube Movie App. But not everyone can see it on the app. There are many people who do not have smart phones. They watch movies only in theaters. Accordingly, the film should also be released in theatres. Distributors and theater owners should support the release in a large number of theaters.

I didn’t invite celebrities for this event, I invited app investors and my fan club admins. When celebrities come, they talk about things unrelated to the show for their popularity and leave. The same thing happened in my film festival last time. The speaker at the event complimented me greatly; Besides, talking badly about my favorite Thala Ajith created mental distress.

I called the people. I am planning to do the same for the next film.

Thank you to all the actors, actresses and technicians from Kadhal Sukumar who acted as my friend in the film.

When talking about ‘Kathal’ Sukumar, the shooting of this film started ten years ago in Chittoor. I went and performed for three days. I saw that he would call me to talk about dubbing, but I didn’t call him. After a year, he called again to act. i went He took the continuity scene by giving Dresslam, which he had acted a year ago. Only then did he say that this is a ten-year project. I also asked if I can hold on for ten years. Such a very well made film.

My friend who is a hero, apart from comedy, he also loves to act seriously. The character is like that. I started crying when I saw those scenes.

In one film, he has worked hard to gain body weight in three and four dimensions. When it comes to Jai Akash’s work, he is like Mount Everest. I wish him to reach greater heights.

After watching this movie, the lovers will want to eat the fruit and bury the nut and turn it into a tree.

The making concept of this film is new to Indian cinema. I am proud to have acted in that film too,” he said.

‘Comedy Junction’ Jayachandran said, “Director Parthiban has a big box and a lot of new concepts. Similarly, Jai Akash’s attempt to make films with a new concept is commendable. I think he has two or three more ideas just like how the mango is a new idea. It’s important to do something different, no matter how small. I like that kind of effort. I am happy to be friends with someone who does such crazy things. I wish Jai Akashoda success in all his endeavors,” he said.

When ‘Sikaram’ Chandrasekhar spoke, he said, “I wish Jai Akashoda success in his different endeavors”.

At the event, Kalamani Ammal and Meena Arumugam on behalf of the investors of ‘A Cube Movie App’ congratulated Jai Akash by wearing a 5 pound gold chain to express their appreciation for the success of the film ‘Jai Vijayam’ starring Jai Akash.

Kalaimani Ammal mentioned in her speech that “We wear 22 carat gold chain for Jai Akash which is 24 carat gold”.