K.Balachandar Fans Association, and on behalf of the emerging *Film & Small Screen Workers’ Unions* with the unique name of Tamil Nadu,* “Captain Vijayakanth” was paid a memorial tribute, floral tribute and silent tribute!””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””*Coordinated by K. Balachandar Fans Association, and General Secretary of Tamil Nadu Film and Cinematographers Association, Kavitalaya V. Babu, Actors Bhuvilangu Mohan, Dasarathi, Jayant, Editor Raja, and Cinematographers, Kannappan, Anbu Raj, RR Rajkumar, Raju Varghese , Muthuraj, Rajkumar, Pratap and Tamil Nadu Silver Screen and Small Screen Voice Artist Association, Tamil Nadu Small Screen Cinematographers Association, Small Screen Special Sound and Sound Engineers Association, Tamil Nadu Silver Screen and Small Screen Dancers Association, Makeup Artists Association together with all the association administrators and members. .D.K. Everyone paid their respects by placing a wreath at Captain Vijayakanth’s memorial located in the office!@GovindarajPro