Pongal Art Festival Award, Golden Tamil Award Ceremony was held at Padmavani Women’s College of Arts and Science, Salem at the 6th Annual Tamil Arts and Literature Foundation Inauguration Ceremony. The special guests on the occasion were Dr. S. K. Krishnan (Former Madras High Court Judge, Chairman, State Government Film Board, Dr. Rao Selandararajan (world record holder, writer, social developer) and many other special guests were present. The award ceremony was presided over by Advocate Satish, Chairman of Tamil Literature Foundation, and College Principal Sathyamurthy. Under the guidance and in the presence of the Principal and Vice Principal of the college, degrees, prizes and awards were presented to the meritorious students from all over Tamil Nadu.

In this ceremony Dr. Ra. Selandararajan said that in accordance with the saying that after learning the dirty learning, it is worth standing… In today’s era, the college has come to the villages in search of us. More than ever before, all the girls in Samugat are studying. Everyone should have a goal and ambition. Follow the goal properly from this year. Listen to your parents, listen to your teacher, your next goal in life may be to become a government official, to become an Indian international sportsperson, or even to become a top police officer. Every child has a story. Move towards your goal. Many people may even be inspired by you later on. He said, move forward with determination towards that action.